Jiangxi rice park co., LTD., founded in 2000, the registered capital of 40 million yuan, is a collection of grain purchase, processing, sales, and reserve and trade as one of the joint-stock company, agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise. The company's main products are rice and rice noodles. Rice, a total of five series more than 50 varieties, product appearance quality, best-selling both; Rice has two big series more than 10 varieties, pure natural food, do not add any additives, safety and health, best-selling province, exports at home and abroad.


Over the years, the company adhere to the "quality win, integrity-based" business strategy, through the "ordinary products, intermediate products and efficiency, a high grade product market tree brand" the marketing concept, high-quality, attentive service won many businesses and consumers trust and praise, become one of the country's large-scale food processing backbone enterprises, processing technology to meet the domestic advanced level, production, sales in the jiangnan region are among the best in the industry.


In new course, the company will give full play to the national key leading enterprise of driving and radiating effect, vigorously developing the order agriculture, efforts to expand mainly production base and green food base, base on industrialization, intensive management, carefully build the brand, constantly improve the core competitiveness and capacity for independent innovation, leading the enterprise by the scientific concept of development sustainable and healthy development of the road, for the agricultural efficiency and farmers' income and to build a new socialist countryside to make greater contribution.