Secretary of the board of directors (1)


1, the thought is correct, has the cause of heart and the sense of responsibility, the regular undergraduate course above record of formal education, the graduate student is better.

2, familiar with business English, understand the macro economic and capital operation of the relevant knowledge.

3, the age of 35 years of age, men and women are not limited, the image of good temperament, good health, energetic;

Three, with more than 4 years of relevant working experience,

5, proficient in all kinds of office software operating system, with strong language skills and writing skills, keen insight, good judgment, coordination, communication and execution ability.

Two, sales manager 1, sales staff (3 - 5)

1, men and women are not limited, regular facial features, image generous, cheerful personality, strong affinity, mandarin standard, age 35 years old the following.

2, responsible, self-motivated, able to work hard, with strong communication skills and teamwork;

3, the courage to challenge themselves, dare to struggle, can withstand the pressure of sales.

4, familiar with marketing, e-commerce, network marketing and other services.

Three, financial personnel (2 - 3)


1, bachelor degree or above, men and women are not limited.

Five, more than 2 years of work experience, age 40 years of age.

3, majoring in accounting positions, accounting qualification certificate, familiar with the bank, tax business.

4, proficiency in office software;

5, with independent work ability and financial analysis ability;

6, honest and reliable, with a sense of responsibility, diligence and progress.

Four, personnel manager (1)

1, bachelor degree or above, under 40 years of age, economic, human resources or business management professional, with human resources or economic management professional qualifications;

2, with excellent interpersonal communication skills and leadership management skills, good language skills and affinity, good coordination, communication and organizational planning;

3, master the relevant human resources of the rules and regulations, familiar with the national personnel policies, laws and regulations

Five, office of personnel (or name)


1, physical health, regular facial features, female, more than 1.6 meters, 30 years of age.

2, high school or above.

3, decent conversation, lively and cheerful, warm and generous.

Six, foreign trade member (1-2 name)


1, business English major, have good communication skills, more than 3 years working experience is preferred;

2, actively explore the international market, contact with foreign customers, seek orders, and lead the business negotiations and the signing of the contract.

3, responsible for the foreign trade order negotiation, contract, documents audit, order management, transportation, customs declaration, foreign exchange etc..

4, responsible for the assessment of foreign trade orders, tracking, management and risk control.

5, responsible for the production and supply of goods, goods inspection, customs declaration and other process tracking, timely processing of the problems in each link.

6, responsible for customer information, and timely feedback and handling customer requirements.Seven, food trade salesman (1-3 name)


1, outgoing personality, quick response, strong expression ability, with strong communication skills and communication

Skills, with affinity;

2, have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness;

3, a sense of responsibility, can work under pressure.

Eight, the statistician (1)


1, college degree or above;

2, holding accounting qualification certificate

3, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, can hard-working, have the spirit of teamwork

4, related work experience is preferred

5, treatment Negotiable

Nine, production personnel (several)


1, between the age of 16-45 years of age,

2, physical and mental health, there is no impact on the health of the group of infectious diseases,

3, junior high school degree or above,

4, pay for employees to take a piece of work.

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