Support the market hold up the umbrella Food and agriculture in jiangxi province unto them

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Now, in jiangxi province ZhongWanDao harvest in sight. Is expected to reach more than 22.6 billion catties, total output of the whole province ZhongWanDao swamped can reach more than 14 billion jin. The province's grain production is expected to 42 billion jins, is expected to realize "ten even abundance". Although the broad masses of farmers to harvest happy, but sales problems for farmers concerns: grain market downturn, prices continue downward.

October 22nd, in jiangxi province launched ZhongWanDao minimum purchase price, this can let farmers unto them?

At present, jiangxi new middle-season rice price per one hundred pounds in 125 ~ 125 yuan, is lower than the national minimum price, listed on the late late rice price estimates will be lower than the national minimum price.

Grain storage in jiangxi branch, from the analysis of wei, general manager of the purchase and sale of domestic ZhongWanDao overall downturn this year: the cause of a low-priced imports on the domestic market of indica rice influences persist; The second is the pattern of domestic rice market supply exceeds demand at that time the difficult to change; 3 it is because of the domestic rice market weakness, operating small profit even without profit, rice processing enterprises starts generally low, buy social subject purchase enthusiasm is not high.

On October 21, in the afternoon, the new county township south Los Angeles XiangYang Village farmers Chen Anlei said: "for a while, before every one hundred jin of rice on the market price is 125 yuan, make person worry ah! Ok, now launched the support by the state, every one hundred jins is higher than the market price of 10 yuan."

On October 22, arrived in jiangxi province branch business department has support for examination and approval of grain purchase capital of 970 million yuan, the guaranteed purchase foundation capital of 16.5 million yuan. Zhu Ye department general manager, working for ZhongWanDao purchase credit service, they start work early, early preparation, save $1 billion funding local

ZhongWanDao acquisition, appropriations for various counties (districts) bid for 3 days of the foundation, the supply of funds transfer to the town to buy outlets, ensure timely supply of cash for purchases, do not give farmers "3".

Whether the money with security, storage also have rebuilt? "Early this year to buy a finished, I invested more than 500 ten thousand yuan, the maintenance of the barn to more than 5000 kg. Next, we will take the move library, sales of existing inventory can be independent sales of food and use a variety of measures such as houses, basic can solve the county ZhongWanDao storage gap." FengXin county grain bureau chief Jane star-light said confidently.

This year, is expected to jiangxi province ZhongWanDao prop up the market volume storage gap will reach more than 1.5 billion kilograms. The province's grain bureau chief Xiong Genquan introduction: "this year, in order to solve the acquisition of storage, the provincial government allocated 45 million yuan of special funds, used for warehouse facilities maintenance. Grain departments at all levels will be multi-pronged, solve storage gap, never appear by storage tension farmers' sell corn difficult."

Around all relevant departments in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government, through various channels to solve acquisition storage, collection and storage capacity. Grain storage in jiangxi branch, jiangxi grain bureau, the bank branch in jiangxi province are rent to develop social storage purchase of specific advice, support to lease part of state-owned grain enterprises social storage; Grain departments at all levels is continuing to take old warehouse maintenance, teng warehouse and library; Jiangxi branch grain depot is the newly built 150 million kilograms of grain storage in steel tent; 300000 tons of rice in jiangxi province provinces moving libraries and 40000 tons of provincial library will start as soon as possible. Pundits suggested that in the presence of background is big enough, across multiple subject market should be encouraged to participate in acquisition, reduce the pressure of support.

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