baile company more measures to promote safety month activities

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On May 31, 40000 tonnes of grain in grain storage fire burned, June 2, petrochina dalian petrochemical company oil tank explosion;

On June 3, JiLinBao explosion fire source feng industry co., LTD. In three to four days, three fires, hundreds of human life, ten thousand tons of food, settle down at once. If further consideration to June each year as a "national safety production month" the special time background, so not only "4 days 3 consecutive accident" in more than one hundred people died and accidents of production safety situation, more awkward embarrassment.

Safety in production, so important; Production safety situation, so vulnerable. In such a fragile production safety situation, xinyu park industry &trade co., LTD., to "strengthening foundation, promote safe development" as the theme, comprehensive start the "safe production month" activities, proposed through various activities to ensure production safety month get real results, to complete annual production safety work to lay a solid foundation.

It is a safety culture publicity and education activities. Organization staff safety watch series; Make staff security awareness training manual, and organize the staff safety knowledge books, and asked to write about it or experience, knowledge grounding safety culture with the staff in the heart. Take hanging publicity banners, set up a safety culture, column, setting up security warning signs, safety knowledge popularization, and promote the safety culture, safety culture atmosphere, to promote sustained and stable development of the company safety production. At the same time, combined with recent JiLinBao source feng industry co., LTD., the major casualty, partial called new and old employees, accident case and production safety publicity and education activities, worker safety and improve the culture quality.

The second is to carry out the "hidden" competition. Company personnel to participate in, omni-directional, the whole process of identification. Combined with the production conditions of the change, change of production organization, the production tasks and production methods, combining with the change of personnel structure, combination has accident case, screen side safe hidden trouble. In text improvement scheme for the declaration of content organization in directing review, selects the masters of the "hidden" in July, several possible safety problems should be resolved.

Three is to carry out safety inspection, hidden dangers governance activities. Hidden perils in selected experts is not enough light, they have a special inspection system: i.e. consciousness, check management, hazard, use and rectification. All the departments to widely launch around the tenet of "safety first", employees in combination with safety, harmony and development of safety culture, earnest organization inspection, found that the problem timely rectification, the company will set up a special inspection teams, for safety inspection department.

Four is to carry out the on-site plan exercise. To various production workshop team all take part in, in combination with actual conditions, organize fire, explosion, natural disasters, such as electric shock, heat stroke accident field response plans; Security group office buildings, production workshop and other departments, fire extinguisher use exercise and well drilling records, the summary, find loopholes, analysis of existing problems, and timely changes to the plan, improving plans for emergency system. To improve staff for sudden accident emergency disposal ability, enhance staff's safety awareness.

Five is the development of safety production standardization work. According to the requirements of the company safety production, and connecting with the company actual situation, to develop safety production standardization work. For example, the use of antiskid rubber shoes and the maintenance staff to use alcohol; Aerial work staff should fasten your seat belt, the power how to operate a special procedure, not random switch; Cubic to design safety warning signs we know are unsafe; Grain piles have strict standard to prevent collapse accidents, etc. The standardization of production safety work shall be formulated by the workshop leader consultation, after meet the requirements for examination and assessment of the promotion in the whole workshop scope, achieve the standardization of production safety management, rather than to the safe production suspension, so as to promote the company safety production work run smoothly.

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