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In xinyu industry &trade co., LTD., there is some people, they are "a sweat during the day, evening a grey", silently guarding the food.

Grain purchase by strategics "" five words

On July 23, under the lead of the company office, my colleagues and I a few came to mahon, the new company bought two collection spot condolences summer crops. In new collection spot, met with underlings station field acquisition in the hot sun care manager

LuDong soldier, in spite of the full head big sweat, clothes are all sweat, but he does not heed his move food conveyor to warehouse together with the keeper on the edge, making transportation mouth and granary butt, then on to the conveyor check warehouse full, then spreads out the plastic bags on the ground, reduce waste, the last command acquisition keeper will millet bags apart into the conveyor, the conveyor will buy all food delivery into the warehouse.

The manager said, the hardest or the acquisition of the keeper. Buy keeper Chen Haigen, walk for a while to take a shot a cart full of grain, for a while and came to food conveyor, grabbed a once in a while, after on palm between fingers, and picked one, in the mouth. In this way, he will repeat the action for many times, until all the food delivery into the warehouse.
"What I was looking at these millet quality". 50 Chen Haigen began in 1994 when entering the park company food keeper, for 19 years. 19 years of work, let him to grain purchase work has the quite rich experience: as long as through the inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and listening, bite, measuring the strategics "" five word, can make the good grain purchase, ensure that every grain into the storehouse of rice are all high quality.

The so-called "hope", is to see the color of the rice, the rice dumping to transmit on the presence of dust, "no dry rice, color is more deep, and less dust, even it's not a grey." Chen Haigen says, in general, dry wet, quality food, whether fraud, he can immediately identified. Not fully dried food, he only need to grasp the in hand to knead a pinch, immediately tested whether accord with a standard.

However, this is just the first step of the "five words strategics", then smell kegare, listen to the noise of the rice poured out, bite of rice, measuring the moisture. "If rice tan is not dry, crisp sound is not enough, and a bit up, easily into pieces, rather than into two pieces, in that case, is not conducive to long-term preservation of food." With is the keeper Zhong Chungen sounds well-meaning, he did grain purchase keeper for 17 years.

Food preservation to ensure safety
"At the hottest time of the year, all of us are spent in the sun." Manager lu, summer crops a year from acquisition to the autumn grain purchase, in order to seize stocks, he and all the keeper is started work early in the morning, often busy late into the night, is often a grey "" a sweat during the day and night.

"Food every year the summer", is one of the most hard thing grain warehouse keeper. "Often check into the granary, grain situation." Manager lu, after the completion of the acquisition in the summer crops, grain keeper must do for each warehouse temperature and humidity, if found within the warehouse temperature is too high, will loose grain surface in time, or ventilation cooling treatment.

"In the summer, the warehouse is like a big steamer." Ping yao got, said he was particularly concerned about in the wind, rain weather, because if it rains and windy, it is necessary to check granary, even in the evening, also want to do not mistake, most afraid of is leaking, water seepage, food be affected with damp be affected with damp moldy phenomenon.

"Ping yao got is we buy care the youngest, custodial position in our company also has 6 years, special dedicated all purchase keeper." Manager lu said that Chen Haigen, Zhong Chungen, ping yao got people's hard work, to ensure the food security of stored in the grain depot.

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