baile company party branch organizations all party member to wuyuan study visit

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On July 1, 2013, xinyu industry &trade co., LTD., the party branch organizations all party member, probationary party member to visit wuyuan learning and development object, to commemorate the ninety-second anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China. We visited the ancestral - jiangwan, jiang zemin in jiangwan Xiao Jiang ancestral hall, raising their right hands the party members to revisit to join the party oath, then have a visit to the red army hole, etc. Residence of the party members by the giant footprint, in pursuit of revolution, to revisit the party's glorious history, to carry out the scientific outlook on development, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, feel the country tremendous changes since the reform and opening up, on thought experienced a spiritual baptism, the party spirit exercise, ideal faith stronger. Party members have said, we are not forget history of shame, remember the revolutionary pioneer work, work well to the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries of the indomitable and unyielding spirit, practice the scientific outlook on development, conscientiously completes the labor of duty, in the ordinary post to create extraordinary performance, sacrifice their own youth talent, with practical action to build a southern China's largest grain and oil processing group and make unremitting efforts, to build a strong and prosperous Chinese nation.

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