Jiangxi: dry grain losses every year to make 2 billion catties

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It in southern China, late rice harvest season, but in major grain-producing provinces of jiangxi, because after the rice harvest from the last link between sales store --, "drying" not up to standard, lead to jiangxi province every year loss reached more than 2 billion tons of rice, equivalent to 5% of the whole province combines. And this kind of situation are also more than in the southern provinces.

Rice production in China about 400 billion jins, southern jiangxi, anhui, etc of 13 provinces total output 340 billion tons, accounting for 85% of the total rice production. In the province of volume of more than 5 billion catties, jiangxi in the first place, but in the process of rice to buy, is a common problem: rice moisture content is too high. Storage of grain moisture standard is 13.5% in our country, more than words, prone to mildew, deterioration of grain. Now in the process of harvesting water, generally in 16% ~ 18%, even more than 20%.

According to introducing, in recent years, a large number of popularization and application in jiangxi combine harvester, in order to reduce the particles scattered at harvest, require harvester harvest rice in high moisture, at the same time, the use of machinery will take the dew on the straw grain in pile, it also increases the moisture content of rice.

For the delivery of rice moisture content is reduced, became this time the main task of the farmers, some farmers even rice drying on the highway. Food crops to dry on the road, will reduce the friction coefficient of pavement with car wheels, easy to cause traffic accidents.

At the same time, the harmful material in asphalt asphalt road surface, and lead in vehicle tail gas, sulphur dioxide and so on, will affect the rice quality. Although the relevant departments in rice harvest season every year, intensify propaganda and inspect the law enforcement, but a lot of farmers will continue to adopt the most traditional way of drying.

To solve drying problem, in 2004, began to promote grain drying technology in our country, but the amount of grain every year with mechanical drying accounts for only about 1% of the country's total grain output, far below the 95% level in the developed countries. In terms of annual output of 41.6 billion tons of grain in jiangxi, which after harvest by the damp climate, too dry, or did not achieve safe storage water and lead to bad situation of rice, accounted for about 5%, about 2 billion kilograms.

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