Zhang Suo root: rice processing to adhere to the "benefit"

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Still remember the first time I saw Zhang Suo root is in 2010, the agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise - jiangxi province at the music industry and trade co., LTD., chairman, wearing an old coat, lazily dragged the famous brand shoes, lead the people to visit the park plant and staff canteen. But saw his head walked forward, even a foot into the muddy, also able to shrug off, pull the shoes out, continue to step ahead.

Slovenly, informal section, Zhang Suo root is the first impression that gives a person.

Inherent my material will be useful

Zhang Suo root graduated from high school in 1987, because of a few points with the university, walk in the crossroads of life. Face life important choice for the first time, Zhang Suo root is very hesitant, hesitation, but finally he chose to believe: "inherent my material will be useful," life is a struggle.

Absent, feet way. After repeated thinking, Zhang Suo root decided to make a society one person. Several attempts, Zhang Suo root first as a carpenter, bricklayer, engaged in farming, oil bean curd. In March 1990, an accidental opportunity, Zhang Suo root and grain, took the lead in the north of xinyu farmers markets to a private LiangYouDian - "benefit" grain salesroom (manufacturers, merchants and consumers all parties benefit), from then on, Zhang Suo root began his road to grain and oil business.

Carries on her work, rain, fell laptop, a young man in the black rod traveled around the city corridor corner, after a year of careful management, "benefit" grain shop profit slightly in the second year, Zhang Suo root the money accumulated LiangYouDian opened the second and third home. At that time, the order delivery, make out an invoice keep store, big things, have to do anything. Zhang Suo root recalls: "that is when the boss, and when the clerk and porters, sometimes too tired to stand is dozing off, don't know how many way, how many steps up, flow how much sweat, I still, engraved on the hardships of start-ups as people know very much. But since I was born to a peasant family, has experienced the years of poverty, bears hardships and stands hard work is my nature, in my memory, no day off, no holidays, no working hours, often is expected, travel day and night, sometimes tired, exhausted, even the road walk."

Everything comes to him who waits, after two years of accumulation, Zhang Suo root finally dug into his life first bucket of gold. Zhang Suo root invited two friends in 1992, opened 15 tons of self-raised funds of 20000 yuan at the rice plant.

At the beginning of the factory founded, as stocks, funds, business and so on various aspects of the problem, once troubled Zhang Suo root, rice sold only 4000 jins, every day in the face of difficulties, Zhang Suo root not shaken, he united under transverse began running stocks alone, to raise funds, drilling market, the introduction of technology and talent. For the food, then Zhang Suo root scour the surrounding counties, cities more corner; To sell, Zhang Suo root run at each grain shop in the city and racking their brains, well-meaning, with their own sincere exchange for the customer's trust.

Due to the honest and trustworthy and well-run Zhang Suo root, at best rice business more prosperous, each index rising at an annual rate of doubling, realized the leap development. Until 2001, at park has grown to have 3 complete set of rice processing production line and the two by-products processing production line. In August 2002, the park rice plant changes as the music industry and trade co., LTD., the road of entrepreneurship more walk more wide, ushered in the new development in the spring.
Soaring nine miles

After ten years of development, xinyu park industry &trade co., LTD. Has become the agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise, one of the country's large-scale food processing backbone enterprises, become a collection of grain purchase, processing, sales, and reserve and trade as one of the joint-stock company.

According to company ZhuangXiaoChun, director of the office, at the music industry and trade co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the music industry and trade) leading products for rice and rice noodles. Two rice production lines, the annual processing capacity of 200000 tons, the product has five series of more than 50 varieties, covering the whole province and southern cities; Rice noodle production line, annual production capacity of 40000 tons of rice noodles. There are two major series and more than 10 varieties, best-selling in the province, and export success. Company products successively through green food grade A, ISO9001, ISO22000 certification and export of food hygiene registration for the record, successively obtains "brand-name products in jiangxi province", "rest assured grain and oil in jiangxi province", "jiangxi province famous trademark", "quality trustworthy product", "CCTV brand list" and other honorary titles.

Zhang Suo root said: "the rapid development of the enterprise can have such, thanks to the government's support, leadership and the help of friends, the trust of customers, all aspects are short of one cannot."

In early 2004, the industry &trade investment of 80 million yuan, in xinyu hi-tech development zone land 160 mu, built park food industrial park. In September the same year, with the completion of annual output of 60000 tons of high quality rice production line, the music industry and trade to achieve a new leap forward, the company employed staff and workers by the original three people increased to more than 300 people, at the beginning of more than 10 square meters workshop area from expansion to more than 20000 square meters, with fixed assets of 62 million yuan, sales income exceeding 180 million yuan.
Best brand a household name in at regions, where many customers into LiangYouDian, request directly buy hundreds of rice, rice in the park at the market share of 80%, and exported to guangdong, zhejiang, guangxi, hainan, fujian, Shanghai and other places, products in short supply.

In recent years, the music industry and trade in promoting agricultural and rural economic structure strategic adjustment, drive farmers to increase income, agricultural efficiency, increase agricultural competitiveness and so on has played a pivotal role. Company through "company + base + peasant household", "company + farmers' professional co-operatives + peasant household", "company + food agent + peasant household" mode of agricultural industrialization management, give full play to the leading enterprise of the financial advantage, brand advantage, market sales channel. The company insists on developing the order agriculture, vigorously promote mainly planting, go the way of the development of agricultural industrialization, collectivization, with a high quality product production demonstration base to promote new varieties, high quality varieties, joint of peasant household in order way, drive the demonstration area of rice planting, by during technology services to help agriculture to industrial upgrading, promote the farmers' income, agricultural efficiency, promote the development of rural economy.

Zhang Suo root, the music industry and trade in the process of promoting industrialization of agriculture and increasing farmers' income, develop the base construction, set up mainly in xinyu 29 townships 20 demonstration bases, covers an area of 110000 mu, at the same time in areas surrounding the xinyu (gaoan, fjard, upcoming, camphor trees, etc.) set up eight raw grain base, covers an area of 50000 mu, indirect drive more than 30 peasant households. And base construction, to ensure the company a steady supply of raw grain, implements standardization management, at the same time the company in the process of planting green food in strict accordance with the relevant standards organization production, and ensure the quality of raw grain.

Zhang Suo root adhere to the "government-led, the enterprise output, farmers get benefits" concept, cooperate with xinyu grain large, set up the large grain association. At the same time, in fenyi county, YuShui seat area, the fairy lake area, economic development zone, 77 set up the 102 food professional cooperatives. Take the "company + professional cooperative + peasant household" mode of agricultural industrialization management, implement various kinds of grain order pattern, and food professional cooperatives established close relations of cooperation, has introduced "six reunification", namely, unified supply varieties, production standard, unified agricultural materials supply, technical guidance, unified purchase, unified price and settlement.
At the same time, also signed with the cooperative production contract, clear to carry out the varieties, planting area, buy food quality, quantity and commitment to grow service, price, payment terms, etc., let members eat the "too-big-to-fail", making the order fulfillment rate above 95%.

City away

Park rice sales mainly in jiangxi province, has thousands of stores in xinyu, in all provinces and grain and oil food wholesale market for loading. In 2011, the music industry and trade in sales has more than 400 million yuan. Because rice noodle market is good, broad prospects, company is planning to expand the scale of rice production, construction of 5-7 rice noodle production line.
Enterprise development is rapid, profit increasing, from the uneven distribution of wealth, Zhang Suo Zhang Suo root root is no longer in those days. At the same time, Zhang Suo root and is still in those days Zhang Suo root: genuine peasant, simple and honest and simple personality, "benefit" of life style.

In today's network buzzwords, Zhang Suo root is not a "version", he is not fussy about her food, filling line, Zhang Suo root don't gamble, don't smoke, have to drink to drink a bit, his only hobby, and he is the constant pursuit of the cause. Every day in his thinking, how to make enterprises to do bigger and better, how to make the best music brand more consumer recognition, how to make the best music industry hundreds of brothers and sisters live better. Thinking at the same time, he is doing, in action, in the implementation.

Zhang Suo root are of the utmost importance to talent, he once said: "human resource is the enterprise biggest wealth, arouses staff's work enthusiasm and initiative is extremely important, more pay attention to the thought and life of employees, to have enough wage protection, let employees work happily, live in peace." These Zhang Suo root have fallen to effect.

Zhang Suo root attach more importance to the company leadership quality and the cultivation of the leadership, the company capital contribution, the first four executives to Peking University EMBA study, the second batch of plans to send digital middle managers to deep, south of jiangxi and other well-known colleges and universities to attend the training.

Zhang Suo root is very love learning, his book seen a return of the recommended for everyone to see, such as to financial profit, we do business, and celebrity biography books etc.

It is understood that each year, the music industry and trade will organize a big party, gathered in the city more than 1000 food brokers and grain producer, a rebate dividends meeting. All positive for the music industry and trade sell corn agent or large, can get a different amount of returns.

Every year at the same time, the music industry and trade in the period of rice, adhere to the principle of "open to buy", not level demand, not KengNong hurt farmers, let farmers to plant, want to grain, ensure JiangNong favorable policies into practice, lets the farmer real benefit, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers to plant.

Plus an annual actively, to pay taxes in accordance with the monthly Zhang Suo root really did make country, enterprise, employees, agents and large grain, farmers and consumers "benefit", Zhang Suo fundamental also got what he really wanted.

Zhang Suo root said, looking to the future, the music industry and trade will follow the collectivization and industrialization policy and strategy, adhering to the "development of food industry, the benefit of the public," the idea, bigger and stronger, go the way of deep processing, sustainable development, to food processing and carrier, casting enterprises, one hundred, as the agricultural efficiency and farmers' income make greater contributions to the formation of rice, rice flour, oil and so on many product processing enterprise, the company into a well-known Chinese and the world influential modern food processing enterprise.
Characters, brief: Zhang Suo root, was born in October 1965, jiangxi xinyu Fen YuShui area view nest town village, economist, current xinyu park industry &trade co., LTD., chairman and general manager, has served as vice chairman of food industry in jiangxi province, jiangxi province food industry association director, xinyu NPC standing committee members, won a "model workers in jiangxi province", "jiangxi provincial excellent grain and oil entrepreneur" honor.
Man's sayings:
1, entrepreneurship need passion, need to endure hardship, need more courage, dare to eat crabs, dare to be first.
2, business and the lung, the good faith to maintaining truthful.
3, people alive to have spirit, love spell will win, dare cross will be red.
4, day high as a bird to fly, the sea rich by diving, a good environment is the stage, as long as the good policy, environment, and not a little industry.
5, ning do earn 50 yuan boss, do not do to earn $100 worth of migrant workers.
I know share with gratitude to achievement

At park industry &trade co., LTD., only three employees from a small factory developed into now has more than 300 people a grain purchase, processing, sales, reserve and trade as one of the joint-stock company, by a few sales a year one thousand jin of rice to the sales are more than 400 million yuan of agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprises, the rapid development of industry and trade, the music industry and trade, chairman and general manager Zhang Suo root.

Food processing must be rigorous carefully

Grain and oil patrika: it is said that you are involved in grain and oil industry, had a lot of work, why are looking for rice industry, one is 22 years?

Zhang Suo root: I'm a laptop component of farmers, food has always been the most pro, and land has a solution doesn't open the fate, I think, the farmers' blood let me benefit a lot from it. My character and thought is also very suitable for agriculture, in addition, rice is the staple food for the southerners, I have the right time.

Grain and oil patrika: 22 years of food processing experience, do you have any harvest?

Zhang Suo root: food industry is small profit, but about national security and food safety issues, do processing must be rigorous careful, do sales must be honest, do management must attach importance to talent, in general, as far as possible to meet the requirements of all the people who work with you, then you would be successful.

Grain and oil patrika: how did you do that "all off"?

Zhang Suo root: first is the enterprise bigger and stronger, expand product sales, start from the meager profit but high turnover, product cost-effective. At the same time, and do the related industries, such as hundreds of rice processing industry and trade are doing at the same time, and do rice noodles, rice noodles higher profits than rice, of course, technology demands and much more. In addition, the music industry has long been involved in real estate industry, xinyu is livable cities in China, but the foreigner in this purchase is not much, nationwide housing prices have been is not high, and the general downturn in the last two years the real estate industry, under the condition of the property of the company's sales have been good, this is mainly relying on the park rice brand reputation for many years.

The person should be grateful

Grain and oil patrika: I heard that compared with a lot of cereals, oils and small and medium-sized enterprises, the development of the music industry and trade environment is good, the specific situation?
Zhang Suo root: no good development environment, the music industry and trade is impossible to go today. In order to cultivate the industry bigger and stronger, social aspects in recent years have devoted much effort. For example, xinyu leadership help park troubleshoot for many times, up to the policy, run the Banks; Such as again, just settled in high-tech park industrial park, the relevant departments of the "green light" center, help enterprises to solve many problems. A person should be thankful, I thank them very much.

Grain patrika, career success, brought you a lot of change, also let you won the "national rural youth leader" getting rich, "the province's top ten industry pioneer" and other honors and titles, you feel what is the biggest change?
Zhang Suo root: if have change, also become more self-aware, experience, the more the more find their own small, find themselves need to learn, the more must keep learning, keep pace with The Times.

Grain and oil patrika, hardships, career into something, in return for society, the music industry and trade all did what?
Zhang Suo root: mainly to build roads, schools, aid for poor students, such as public welfare undertakings, accumulated donation amount of nearly 100000 yuan. The wenchuan earthquake in 2008, individual donations more than 20, ten thousand yuan. Know people brothers changes in temperature, has absorbed more than 200 migrant workers into the factory, farmers' employment situation.

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