Mr. Wang: autumn grain purchase Prevent issue iou sold grain to wait for a phenomenon

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The winter and spring irrigation and water conservancy infrastructure construction of televised meeting held today, vice premier wang Yang said that must maintain a reasonable price of agricultural products, one thousand ways to protect the interests of farmers, resolutely prevent "difficult to sell corn", "3" wait for a phenomenon.

Wang Yang said that at present, agriculture and rural areas each work task is very heavy. All localities and departments concerned to pay special attention to the basic construction of irrigation and water conservancy earnestly at the same time, the overall arrangements for the work, careful deployment, elaborate organization, strengthen measures to ensure the successful completion of full-year target tasks, stable agricultural rural development to lay a solid foundation for the coming year.

Wang pointed out that to supervise the autumn grain purchase. Chinese food back to harvest this year, "ten" is a foregone conclusion, combined with the international food prices continue to fall this year, the domestic market is facing greater pressure.

Must maintain a reasonable price of agricultural products, one thousand ways to protect farmers' interests.
To earnestly implement the minimum purchase price and reserve policy, actively organize and guide the enterprises in the market purchase, ensure supply of funds, strengthen supervision and inspection, give full play to the multiple market main body function, more measures and expand the collection and storage capacity, efforts to meet the needs of the farmers did, resolutely prevent "difficult to sell corn", "3" wait for a phenomenon.

To earnestly implement the responsibility system of governor, grain ZhuXiao District they should be active to production areas, keeping the necessary inventory. To strengthen the market monitoring and early warning, do well the market information service, actively promote the production and marketing cohesion, scientifically reserves to control and regulate the timing of the import and export, rhythm and strength, to ensure stable markets for agricultural products.

Wang Yang, to advance winter and spring in agricultural production. Recently, the state introduced a number of policy measures to support the pledge, including the minimum purchase price per kilogram of wheat increased next year 6 cents, appropriations subsidies for growing superior seed varieties, agricultural machinery purchase in advance, high yield and create subsidy funds and so on. To intensify policy propaganda, vigorously promotes the policy implementation, and further arouse the enthusiasm of farmers to plant and local development of agricultural production.
To stable sown area, development of winter agriculture, do a good job in agricultural machinery service, strengthening the technical guidance, ensuring supply of agricultural materials, helping farmers to strengthen field management, provided a basis for next year's summer grain harvest. To guide farmers to expand spring of livestock and poultry focus bar, pays special attention to the south north base of vegetable production and marketing, strengthen the fishery production safety, ensure the supply of produce quality safety and stability of equilibrium.

Wang Yang, strengthen the animal disease prevention and control. Autumn winter season is a crucial period of animal epidemics and the prevention and control work. Especially before and after the New Year's day, Spring Festival, livestock and poultry products consumption, market fill column, more frequent interregional dispatching, easy to spread epidemic spreading. With avian influenza, foot and mouth disease and other major animal disease prevention and control as the focus, pays special attention to the winter before compulsory immunization, strengthen the origin, slaughtering, transport quarantine supervision, intensify prevention and control of the border, vaccine, strict quality supervision, the full implementation of the prevention and control measures. Must strengthen the epidemic monitoring and early warning, perfect the emergency treatment mechanism, firmly control the new epidemic foci on, make sure no regional major animal epidemic information.

Wang stressed that to tightly to prevent forest grassland fire. Is the forest steppe in the winter and spring were high risk period, since October has successively more wildfires occur, caused heavy losses. Want to take the lines, strictly implement the responsibility system, publicity and education earnestly, fire control, hidden, early warning and forecasting and the attendant on duty, strengthen the construction of professional team, materials or equipment, improve the emergency ability, to ensure forest steppe fire prevention work is not a big problem, avoid loss of life.

Mr Wang says, carefully research plot the current and future a period of agricultural rural reform development. The development of Chinese agriculture and rural areas is at a new starting point, the domestic and foreign environment profound changes and new situations, new problems emerge the complexity of contradictions conflicts intertwined, interest challenge difficulties increased significantly.

How to solve good industrialization, the contradiction between rapid advance of urbanization and agricultural modernization relative lag, the contradiction between national food security and increasing farmers' income to get rich, the contradiction between small-scale dispersed family management and development of modern agriculture, ensuring the contradiction between the current supply of agricultural products and agricultural sustainable development, the population flow and to strengthen the management of rural social contradictions, we need to do in-depth research and the positive exploration.

To strengthen the reform of courage, adhere to the market orientation, strengthen innovation consciousness, one step at a time for the solid foundation for agriculture and rural areas. Pay special attention to overcome current lax paralysis after ten years in a row in the agriculture production ideas, prevent the breeding ground for ignoring the tendency of agriculture and rural areas, and the "three rural" work on the most important position, take strong measures to further promote the steady development of agriculture and continuous increase in rural incomes, constantly create a new situation of agriculture rural work.

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