Deputy governor of the bank of China head office bao line to the company

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At 1 PM on July 24, 2013, the bank of China head office BaoJianAn, a deputy governor of the bank headquarters of the client a zhu, general manager of cosco, the headquarters of the bank customer a han-guang li, deputy general manager, the bank jiangxi luggage no.17 xianwen governor, deputy governor of the bank jiangxi branch Huang Yizhong line in xinyu, accompanied by the bank not President Chen and others, and came to xinyu park industry &trade co., LTD., is summer grain purchase situation investigation research, details about early rice production cost, the purchase price, purchase progress, collect food service measures, and so on and so forth.

At the symposium, xinyu park industry &trade co., LTD., chairman of Zhang Suo root, no summer grain purchase situation makes a brief report. BaoJianAn vice President of the company's summer grain purchasing work to give the full affirmation, while stressing the need to firmly carry out the policies of the state grain purchase, ensure national food security; Be conscientious and make a good job in service, and to protect the interests of the grain farmers; Increase the intensity of support, support strategic customer control of stocks, such as controlling the market.

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